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Lake Geneva Blacktop

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Plan your paved surfaces carefully while considering all the problems, if any, which caused you to contemplate a "new" asphalt surface in the first place. Then can you choose your best solution option and make your best decision. Your newly paved surface will provide years of pride and an excellent return on your construction investment. We are experts in consulting with you in determining these problems, while implementing their solutions!

An asphalt overlay is the process of over an existing asphalt pavement surface. A liquid emulsion is sprayed onto the surface prior to installing the new layer of asphalt. New asphalt and blacktop are ideal when the asphalt has become cracked but the base of the asphalt pavement remains stable. The asphalt blacktop is installed after appropriate asphalt blacktop repairs have been made to the existing pavement such as crack filling and patching.

Care must be taken to ensure the grade of the overlay allows drainage so as to prevent water from being trapped on the new asphalt. All manholes, valves and other ground fixtures are raised to the new grade. Where necessary, grinding of the asphalt and removal is done to ensure proper grade. For more information about this option, please contact us

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