Specializing in Asphalt and Concrete Construction and Pavement Services

Fontana, WI Parking Lot Company

A.A.T. Infrared a Fontana, WI a Parking Lot Company. We provide parking Lot services. All related paving products and maintenance.

Complete Asphalt & Concrete Services Including:

Asphalt and Blacktop Sealcoating, Pavement Crackfilling, Striping and Parking Lot Markings, Concrete walks and ADA compliance, Paving Asphalt and Concrete Remove and Replace, Milling Services, Blacktop and Concrete Installation, New Construction.

A Review Below

  • Jason Hanover - Property Manager

    We had A.A.T. Infrared come out and perform maintenance to our parking lot and it included sealcoating, crackfilling, striping, curb repair, new ADA ramps and the property looked great. Thanks again to A.A.T. Infrared, Inc.

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